The Mechanic - Bonus Chapter + Epilogue

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The Mechanic - Bonus Chapter + Epilogue


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Why does she have to be my boss’s sister? I am so f*cked.

Shane Harris is my best friend and the coolest boss I could have ever asked for. He saved my life and this how I repay him? Way to go asshole…

The night I picked Riley up from the bar was the most fun I’ve had in years. Graceful, stunning, too smart for her own good. Everything I look for in a girl.

When I was in the bathroom getting ready for work the next morning, Riley strolled in naked and jumped in the shower. We got talking and that’s when I found out she was his sister…

The worst thing is I think I have feelings for this girl. Does she feel the same way or was I just a one night stand?

If I lose my best friend and my job I don’t know what I’d do with myself. Do I tell him or do I keep this a secret?