Falling for True Love

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Falling for True Love


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Samantha hasn't been to True Love, AZ, since she was a kid. But she's back to visit her grandma after a career-ending fall. Bits and pieces of the town come back to her, but all she wants is to be left alone.

Except she's curious about her grandma's neighbor. The boy she spent summers with when she was young.

Brody has lived in True Love all of his life, but he doesn't believe in the town lore. Not everyone meets their true love in the town. He's proof of that because his left him behind six months ago, and he has no plans of falling for another woman who doesn't live there.

Except he's falling for his old friend. The girl he spent summers with when he was young.

Will Samantha fall on her face again ... or will she and Brody have a second chance to fall for true love?