Mated to the Claws

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Mated to the Claws


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Clara was flung headfirst into a dangerous mess when her father started racking up gambling debts that he couldn’t pay off. She found herself paying the debt off to keep her father safe, but she was putting herself in danger on a daily basis.
The men her father owed were not quite men and the leader, Mathew could be described as a beast. He was the one that she had to plead with when the money ran short one month and now Mathew wanted more than just her money. He wanted her body as well.
Clara has to find a way out of this mess.
The answer comes when a man she doesn’t know offers her help. Michael tries to convince her that he’s only trying to help, but Clara suspects that he wants something more. She’s heard the rumors. She knows what he is, but none of that stops her from feeling more