Nanomachine War - Nanotech Terror Weapon

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Nanomachine War - Nanotech Terror Weapon


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The Qumru are a peaceful alien race. They are advanced spacefaring people who never interfere with other alien races and try to avoid hostile races such as the Yoyka. For the past two centuries the two races have left each other alone in peace. This changed suddenly when the Yoyka attacked Qum without warning with a new nanotech terror weapon.

The weapon was made of semi-intelligent nanomachines that are contagious upon contact. The nanomachines are designed to only attack a specific race based on their genome DNA. The nanomachines replicate inside the body, invade the mind and can be controlled over quantum transmission links (QTL). Once infected, the person becomes highly infectious and the nanomachines spread rapidly by touch or by breathing the air around them.