Pregnant Bitches of War #1

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Pregnant Bitches of War #1


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Back to the Future meets Inglourious Basterds... but with pregnant ladies.

Plucked from the time-stream by inventor Nikola Tesla, six pregnant women accidentally kill a young Hitler... and make the world worse! Now they must save the world from a hell of their own creation. Before their water breaks.

Witness the birth of a bitchin' new series from Clay Adams and Alexandre Philippe. Cover by CHEW's Rob Guillory.

"A comic as audacious as its title." - Brian K. Vaughan, author of Saga

"A hugely enjoyable ride. 9 out of 10 stars." - Starburst Magazine

"The most messed up comic you should be reading." - Geekscape

"One of the best new series of the year." - Comic Bastards

"Nothing but pure, disturbing brilliance." - BaDoink