Vampires of Twilight Castle

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Vampires of Twilight Castle


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War threatens to erupt in the moonstruck city of Nocteraia. Vampires, Werewolves, and Witches roam the bloody streets seeking allies and vengeance alike, each seeking to exterminate the other in a quest to rule the soul-rich city.

Driven by her mother's sudden disappearance, a mournful Kaia joins the Witches' Fraternity of Nocteraia. Peculiarly, they already know who she is, most having an annoying obsession with her blood-red hair. Spurred by the witches' promise of reclaiming her mother from whoever had kidnapped her, Kaia embarks on the deadly vampire hunting missions—braved only by the highest-ranked members. However, a savage turn of events shatters her world when she goes alone to spy on a Lycan festival in the heart of the forest.