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A good time and a romping rhyme
For ages six to ninety-nine
Nick was in the mood to find a new way home
To see new things and be free to roam
He didn't fully grasp what his Gran was trying to say
Beware the bear, she warned. But he was on his way
He bounded through the trees and he paddled by the lake
It wasn't till the tunnel that he made his big mistake
He stomped and sang and echoed. It was tons of fun
But now the bear's awake. Well, there's nowhere to run
With a little more care he would have tiptoed past the bear
But now the bear's awake he has to trick his way out of there
How's he going to do it? The answer's really cool
I don't want to ruin it, but this I can tell you
It's more than a story, it's a rhyme with a flow
So read it out loud. Go on, give it a go