Coming Out, The Model and the Pro

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Coming Out, The Model and the Pro


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Roy "Long John" Hill was a winning quarterback for the Dallas Rope Riders and was Super Bowl bound. He had been dating his partner, international super model Richard Miller for 9 years. He decided that after her won this Super Bowl, he would announce to the world that the two would finally marry. The news did not sit well with one long term, billionaire Texas US Senator, Senator Guthry Trent. The senator decided that this would not be good for the youth of Texas.

A small group of gay men in CIA Black Ops #85 prison in Greece have to step in to make things right.

"Got to love that Texas State. Wow, this is the first time I have read an Olivia Hampshire book and I got to say that I laughed out loud so many times. Olivia knows about some payback too. You go girl. I am a gay guy, but wit