The Billionaire's Alibi: The Contract (The Billionaire's Alibi #2)

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The Billionaire's Alibi: The Contract (The Billionaire's Alibi #2)


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William Henry Harper is not happy about his mother's latest scheme to restructure his image. Still, he's confident he can get rid of the women who's been hired to be his fake girlfriend—all he has to do is exercise a little bit of patience and learn all of the skeletons in her closet. But when she saves him from the police, the press, and his own inner demons, will he be so quick to let her go?

Alexa Romo is not happy that Rebecca is blackmailing her, no matter what the perks of being a billionaire's girlfriend are. She's confident that the Harpers have secrets of their own, and even more sure that if she can only discover them, she can use them against her captors. But when she finds herself falling for the fantasy, will she be able to betray this family for her own?