Benefits of Friendship

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Benefits of Friendship


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Jazmyn Young has been working with her group of friends for a few months at their nightclub, the Hideaway. Things have gotten very friendly between them and the bikers from the Harley Heaven bar. Jazmyn “Jazzy,” in the heat of an argument with Pepper, makes a bet that she regretted making almost instantly.
Jazzy was never the aggressor in any of her relationships. Unlike Jayda, their fearless, dominating leader, Jazzy had always been happy to let the guy take the lead. Now she’d made a bet with Pepper that she couldn’t keep. Or, at least, she thought she couldn’t keep.
How was she going to approach Gage Swift? Super sexy, heavily-muscled, gorgeous tattoos, jet-black hair, and emerald green eyes trained on Jazmyn. Pleasure with no strings attached is what Gage promises.