Naughty Neil: A Hidden Species Novella

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Naughty Neil: A Hidden Species Novella


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I’m just an ordinary guy… who feeds on sexual energy.
I never knew my dad. Mom said he was a nice enough guy, but she never got his name. Then a government agent shows up and announces that I’m not really human. Dear old Dad was an incubus, a being that needs sexual energy to survive. Apparently that means I am too. Gotta be a scam, right?
Or so I think… until Agent Cutie changes into a canine (not a werewolf) in my living room. Turns out, other species do exist.
Being a stripper means that all my incubus needs are being met without even trying. And now that I know the situation in my pants is normal, a fling with Agent Mark is definitely on the table.
Between being sexy Santa at work, feeding hellhounds cookies, and learning what sexual stamina really is, I’m not so ordinary at all