OM Yes: First Touch

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OM Yes: First Touch


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Julia isn't new to sex. She just can't let go.
Men wanted her to finish as if their very pride were at stake in being able to make her orgasm. But she couldn't, so she began to fake it.

Ashton is a young, fit yogi with a surfer body and vibe to match. Yet finding center on the yoga mat is a continual struggle, where he finds himself surrounded by beautiful women in form-fitting clothing. His need to be seen and desired conflicts with his ability to go within.

A sacred pleasure workshop--Giving and Receiving Without Walls--will bring the two strangers together, challenging both Julia and Ashton to their limits; for her, to receive without giving...and for him to touch a woman in the most intimate of ways, without reciprocation.

Can they let go and find the release they both crave?