Forbidden Delivery

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Forbidden Delivery


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“What do you do when you’ve suddenly become the cargo of a hot alien smuggler?”
Becca, an ex magazine editor and now-ex girlfriend of a famous chef, decides that she is fed up with love and men altogether. That changes though, after she finds herself tied up on the ship of Falax, an alien smuggler with a great body but a bad attitude. Becca can’t stand his mysterious vibe he’s giving off, but when he touches her for the first time, something lights up inside of her, a burning want that she’s scared to endulge in…
Falax is hotheaded and doesn’t apologize for it. In all his years of delivering potential mates to his king on Kellion, he lives by one rule: Don’t fall in love with the cargo. He’s more than willing to break this rule after a sexy encounter with his delivery, and struggles with