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"I think I just fell for my boss's biggest rival..."

All Cam ever wanted to do was work for his favorite author, Madeleine Stevens. But when her rival Serge pens a harsh review of her new book, Cam's sense of loyalty makes him demand a retraction from Serge.

"I can't let anybody see who I really am..."

When Serge meets the bookish, cardigan-wearing Cam, he is caught off-guard. How can he be so drawn to someone who should be his enemy…and how can he be drawn to another man?

"I can't trust you, but I don't want to spend a minute without you..."

Just as things get real between Cam and Serge, Madeleine's scheming threatens to tear them apart. Can Cam get free of his boss's tangled web? Can Serge forget what the world thinks and admit his love of Cam?