Darkness There - A Shifter Shield Book

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Darkness There - A Shifter Shield Book


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Ravens and jaguars shouldn’t get along. Much less fall in love.

When raven-shifter Bronwyn Driscoll took a job as a casino security guard in Shreveport, Louisiana, she thought it was step down from her dream job as a member of the Shield—the elite force policing the shifter community.

Then her boss disappeared.

Jaguar-shifter and security specialist Tomás Nahual agreed to review security at The Seven Cities of Cibola casino as a one-off—a simple task he could take care alone, without his team. But when the casino owner’s kidnapped on his watch, the job gets much more interesting.

Teaming up to save Bron’s boss makes sense—as long as they can ignore the simmering heat growing between the two of them.