Blood Debt: 1988

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Blood Debt: 1988


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100 kills or 100 years. That’s the contract. That’s the deal. But this kill is personal.

32 years ago a rogue vampire murdered my best friend in front of my eyes. I’ve spent the last three decades wracked with guilt over my friend’s death. Why was I spared and she not? But I wouldn’t wish this life of the undead on anyone.

Black vamps are natural daywalkers. For that reason, our numbers are controlled and we are contracted out as assassins or servants. And it still doesn’t guarantee our freedom.

A Master Vampire has been murdered and one of his progeny is suspected. My mission, to find the killer and eliminate them. The prime suspect, the vampire I thought was put down all those years ago.

If the price of my freedom is retribution, I’m ready to pay all debts in BLOOD.