The Battle (The Four Chronicles, Book 1)

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The Battle (The Four Chronicles, Book 1)


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A world war separates them. A dangerous mystery threatens to destroy them. 
An everlasting love falls apart before them.

Cody Grey has a secret, and WWII isn’t the time to share it. She’s supporting the war and listening to any news about the allies’ success. Every letter from her fiancé or brothers reminds her there’s too much at stake to lose heart or stop praying, but she never imagined her secret would shatter lives and destroy her hope in the future. 

Ezekiel “Zeke” Griffith is used to feeling on the edge of death. Fighting to keep his men alive, Zeke wishes for one thing: to get home in one piece and marry the love of his life. Yet, he knows hopes and dreams don’t always come true. When his death on the battlefield isn’t just about war but a deadly plot, Zeke has to face his fears