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Determined to put her unhappy love affair behind her, Clare moves from London to Ely in the Cambridgeshire fens to catalogue an early music library. But why does the house she rents in this ancient city feel so familiar? Who is singing Gregorian chants that only she can hear? And then there are the pockets of terror...

Helping Clare make sense of the unexplained is Ewan Matlock, an engaging engineer with demons of his own. Neither of them want love on the rebound, but what with his ex-wife, Clare’s ex-lover and a set of 16th century visions muddying the waters, the chances of them getting together are worryingly slim.

Blending mystery, history, suspense and romance, 'An Ordinary Gift' deftly switches
between laughter and heart-in-mouth fear. And love. Always love.

37K short novel