Dark Urge

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Dark Urge


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Fiona Spade was born a member of the Fury: a pack of wolves gifted with extraordinary strength and magic. After a car crash killed her mother, an accident she blames herself for, Fiona abandoned her pack and planned never to return. Until she found herself up against her greatest enemy: a dragon shifter. The chance encounter brings her head-on with an ancient lupine power brewing deep within her, forcing her to seek help from the family she fled.
Going home means seeing the one man she can't put out of her mind no matter how hard she tries, a man who is strength, sexiness, and charm personified: the wolf who thinks she's his mate.
As Beta of the Fury Pack, Farrow Flynn is fiercely protective over his adoptive family. Born a lone wolf, he never imagined finding someone who makes him want to love and be loved. Until he crosses paths with the Alpha's stepdaughter, Fiona, a she-wolf who is independent and driven, with a temper to match her flaming hair. Their connection is immediate and in