The Power Of Three

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The Power Of Three


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Meant to die, Brighton of The Sidhe lives thanks to the vampire Kyros. Slowly healing mind, body and spirit, he begins to feel uneasy, as though he is being watched.

Enchanted by the Fae he saved, Kyros has at last accepted who and what he is. Refusing to bow down to those who think him 'unpure' and desperate to keep Brighton safe from an ex-lover who won't leave the past alone, they flee for the dense woodlands. Kyros knows a friend who will provide them a place of safety and secrecy but things don't quite work out the way he'd hoped.

Separated unwillingly, wounded and lost, Brighton finds himself at the mercy of a pack of werewolf shifters. The pack leader's brother, Fausto, befriends him, confessing he's been watching Brighton but not for sinister reasons, but curious ones. Faust