The Beachcombers: Prequel - Beachcomber Investigations Series

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The Beachcombers: Prequel - Beachcomber Investigations Series


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from USA Today Bestselling Author Stephanie Queen
Ex-special ops legend Dane Blaise takes on a new partner for a kidnapping case, gorgeous Scotland Yard detective Shana George. Mistake? Maybe. The fireworks between them could get them killed before they have a chance to find the missing heiress--and whoever is behind the kidnapping.

If she weren’t such a bad-ass, Shana might have acknowledged her bone-aching exhaustion. As it was, she conceded the irritability that had settled in. She scowled at the perky flight attendant who scurried by. Okay, maybe the irritability had escalated to bitchiness. But hell, so far her first undercover assignment with the Met held about as much promise as her first attempt to capture a rabid kangaroo.
She had not expected, after flying ....