Stolen Lies (Book #2 - Fates of the Bound)

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Stolen Lies (Book #2 - Fates of the Bound)


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Lila Randolph hates wearing heels, thick makeup, and a fake smile, just to walk the silver carpet. But she’ll brave them and the media to help free a long-lost prince from the auction house.

Tristan DeLauncey has never forgotten the day he stood on the auction house stage as a child, nor can he forget the years spent in the abusive household of those who bought him. He would free every slave if he could, but he only has time to free one.

When an assassin interrupts their plan, the pair learns of a new threat to Saxony and the oracles. But investigating it means they have less time to find a hacker threatening Lila.

Can they stop both plots before Saxony finds out the truth about Lila?

Or will the unresolved tension between them compromise their work?