Snipped: A Cutting Comedy

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Snipped: A Cutting Comedy


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Ted’s life is almost perfect. But he's missing one thing. Sex.

Five years ago, it was love at first sight. Now, Ted and Iris live on autopilot as tumbleweeds roll through their bedroom. The lack of sex is driving him crazy. So is his precocious next-door neighbor. Iris’s solution to their sexual woes: get snipped.

Kunal and Ray, Ted’s best friends and sworn enemies of Iris, agree with her for once. All roads seem to lead to a surgical solution, but Ted’s not going there...until an explosive argument changes everything. A vasectomy seems like Ted’s only play to win Iris back.

But what can go wrong does go wrong. With its bawdy humor and unexpected twists, Snipped will have you laughing out loud as you root for Ted to find the love he’s been missing.