Nine Minutes Past Midnight

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Nine Minutes Past Midnight


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It's Venetian Carnival weekend: the masks are on, but the clothes are coming off…

Successful, hardworking and ambitious, Faye Brennan has it all. Well, not quite all – she doesn’t have a man to share it with, and she’s fine with that. Especially when she has eye candy like Crispin around to keep her fantasies alive.

British playboy Crispin Sinclair always gets what he wants. And what he wants right now is Faye. Naked, in his bed, and letting go of her inhibitions.

For Faye, the speed with which Crispin melts through her defences is almost as quick as the speed with which he gets inside her knickers. But once she discovers her own dark side, will Crispin be able to prove to her what they have can be more than a Carnival weekend hook-up?