The Voodoo That You Do

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The Voodoo That You Do


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Men, be very careful when dating a woman who makes voodoo dolls for a living. You just might live to regret your mistakes.

Indie and her three adopted sisters, the Voodoo Dolls, run a tourist shop in New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA). They are also The Voodoo Dolls, an indie rock band who don’t believe magic is real.

Voodoo dolls are just tchotchkes, right? A fun pin cushion which allows you to pretend you’re really hurting the object of your ire.

But what happens when Indie’s boyfriend cheats on her, and she creates a voodoo doll that represents him? Using his own hair and a toenail clipping, Indie sets about to seek revenge for the pain Brian caused her. Only to discover that Voodoo Magic just might be real!