The Billionaire's Property - Book 1 of 3

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The Billionaire's Property - Book 1 of 3


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Mandy is almost done with her last year of college. She’s worked hard to keep her grades up for her scholarship, but somehow it hasn’t been enough. When she gets her grades in, she knows that she’s going to have to find a job to pay for her last term of college. Mandy panics, worrying that she doesn’t have time to find a job that pays enough!

Fate has her taken care of, though, and soon a businessman offers her a job that she can’t refuse. Jesse, the owner of Halton Realty, picks Mandy out personally.

Her denial of his affections only makes him want her more. Jesse has never had to convince a woman before, but he can’t help but want her. As soon as she says no, Mandy is all that he can think about. He has to have her, one way or another.