Hunt - Freya Snow: Book One

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Hunt - Freya Snow: Book One


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Caring meant having something to lose.

Family was hard for an orphan, and friends were somehow even harder.

But when Freya stumbles into a hidden world of magic, and demons start coming, not just for her, but for those around her, her resolve is put to the ultimate test.

Caring gave her something to lose, but can it also give her the strength to protect?

HUNT is the first book in the Freya Snow urban fantasy series, which starts out as YA and follows Freya’s magical adventures through to university and into adulthood. If you like kick-ass, sarcastic heroines, immersive magical worlds beneath our own, and love that crosses the lines of magical feuds, then you’ll be instantly hooked on L.C. Mawson’s fast-paced urban fantasy series.