Cauldron: A Joe Mack Shadow Council Adventure

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Cauldron: A Joe Mack Shadow Council Adventure


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When you ask a god for favors, be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

Josef Magarac was a brave man, a strong man, a hard-working immigrant who only wanted a better life for his family.

Instead he got a bloodbath.

From the bloody steel mill strikes of Pennsylvania rose a true man of steel, a steelworker transformed into something more by the power of the Old Gods. Now
Joe Mack is in Cleveland, and he’s working to protect those who can’t protect themselves. When a friend asks him to look into disappearances in a largely immigrant
neighborhood, Joe takes an interest. When his interest leads him to a vampire
stalking the streets of his adopted home, he takes more than an interest. He takes
on a mission.