Cool Girl: Becoming Everything the Devil Desires

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Cool Girl: Becoming Everything the Devil Desires


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"He said my name like he was savoring the taste of it on his lips. A deer mesmerized by the headlights I stood there loss for words.

What do you say when the Devil knows your name? Eyeing you like a four course meal, and he hasn't eaten in decades.

What do you say when his baritone voice is like sex on tap and, being the tempter that he is, forces you to imagine just what it would feel like to be devoured by the darkness?

I didn't know it at the time but I had just became his next victim. The object of his unbridle obsession and this could only end with my death...

Unless I become everything he has ever desired." - excerpt from Cool Girl

Raven finds herself trapped in grasp of a handsome killer. To survive for as long as possible she soothes the Devil himself.