Burn Artist: An Alexi Sokolsky Supernatural Thriller

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Burn Artist: An Alexi Sokolsky Supernatural Thriller


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When shit gets too weird for the Mob to handle, hitmage Alexi Sokolsky is the guy they call to fix it.

1986, New York City. The Russian Mafiya is neck-deep in a Wall Street heist worth millions, but things heat up when a mage from a rival gang is hired to force the Russians to back down from the deal. As the magic flies and men burn, Alexi must hunt the murderer in a feverish game of cat-and-mouse to protect his friends. But to honor his contract, Alexi must also save his most hated enemy.
His father.

Set 5 years before Blood Hound, Burn Artist is a prequel to the series which reveals more about Alexi’s past. What were the events that shaped him? Why did he murder his own father? And what are his true feelings for his best friend?