The Wolf's Wife- Prologue

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The Wolf's Wife- Prologue


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In 1891 England, Christine Croft is destitute after her father's death. When she hears of possible employment at Wolf's Peak, the duke's estate, she goes there hoping to secure a position as a maid or servant -- anything to put a roof over her head.
But the mysterious, handsome Duke Wolfric isn't looking for household help. Jasper needs a wife. And to Christine's mingled shock and joy, he chooses her over all the other young ladies hoping to become his duchess.
After they marry, Christine learns that all is not as it seems at Wolf's Peak. When the duke's brother comes to visit, she's caught up in a deadly game ... and learns the secret of the wolf who comes out of the woods to visit her. Can she save herself, her husband, and her unborn child from a treacherous attack?