Sharing Elena

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Sharing Elena


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When Woodside High School's class of 2007 gets together for their ten-year reunion, the alumni bring a decade of unrequited desires to the gathering. Among the attendees is Brad, a former nerd, who still hasn't gotten over his crush on a beautiful cheerleader named Elena. Back in school, Elena only had eyes for the football players, but when Brad finds out that she married his old friend Corey, he's fit to be tied. Years ago, he and Corey made a pact that if either of them ever got to be with her, the lucky man would try to arrange a hookup for the other. Brad's ready for Corey to keep up his end of the bargain. Elena is more than willing to fulfill Brad's fantasy, as long as she gets to do it on her terms. Both men soon realize they're getting way more than they bargained for.