A Bride For A Werewolf: The Beginning

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A Bride For A Werewolf: The Beginning


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This is the prequel to the eleven book Insatiable Werewolf series. It is the beginning of the Samsa werewolf clan. A Bride For A Werewolf begins with Wilder’s father and mother and you will discover the Samsa werewolf triplets as teenagers before they met and claimed Adrienne as their mate.

Harper Samsa just discovered he’s a werewolf, and “No one will want to marry you, even if you’re rich,” he tells himself. “What kind of woman would marry a man, no not a man, a werewolf and discover he’s hiding a dark secret?” He roams at night hunting and killing his food, and what he craves when the moon is full, is obscene.
What woman would marry him, knowing he has an insatiable appetite for raw flesh and a ravenous nature he seeks to satisfy when the moon is full?