Teasing Teddy - For Love of Honor short story

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Teasing Teddy - For Love of Honor short story


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Out on a double date with her boyfriend, Teddy Stone, and his younger brother Sebastian, Callie Vere has to marvel at the differences between the two men. Teddy is reserved and stolid, while Sebastian's wicked humor seems irrepressible. She can't help but play along, teasing Teddy - all in good fun, of course.

When Teddy finally gets her home, however, he's incensed at how he's been the butt of the jokes all night. Turning on Callie with a wild, sexy glint in his eye, he declares that she's been a bad girl, and needs her punishment!

This short story features characters from the full novel, FOR LOVE OF HONOR. Check out the full novel on Amazon to find out if they overcome their differences and fall in love!