His Submissive Warrior

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His Submissive Warrior


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Aria Adams's very first dark romance, His Submissive Warrior, is available for the first time ever for your ereader!
Karis is a strong, independent warrior woman used to leading her own army. Outnumbered and outflanked by evil Hector's army, she never gives up fighting for the freedom of Macedonia. Then, she finds an unexpected ally. The warlord Damien is the only man who has ever bested Karis in a swordfight, and as a forfeit, she must submit to a hard spanking from the enormous warlord. Startled by her own feelings for him, she runs out on him, and now they have unfinished business. But when Karis is betrayed and taken as a slave by Hector, Damien must invade another country to retrieve her. But can he reach her in time, before Hector breaks her?