Death & Dust: The Pale Sand Adventures

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Death & Dust: The Pale Sand Adventures


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Death rides on her order and follows his swing...

From the deserts of Hell’s Skin rises two of the greatest evils, staining the sand with blood and fear.

Conjer, a revenant born of sin and spells, is cursed to swing his machete for the dark forces that stitched his horrid body together. Emma, a vampire of insatiable hunger, prowls the night in search of power. Together they are corruption embodied.

But what happens when terrors come out of the desert that are worse than them?

Walk the line between passion and depravity as two of the darkest villains ever to oppress the wastes hunt down insane sorcerers, bloodsucking barons, violent knights, and powerful necromancers in a love story made under crimson skies!