Sneak Peek of Babble (Book 1 of the Cosmic Conspiracy Series)

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Sneak Peek of Babble (Book 1 of the Cosmic Conspiracy Series)


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One young boy is the key to the universe.
On the brink of a new age, the human race leaps forward into the evolutionary void, changing the course of history forever.
For young Bobbie Cagle, the normal difficulties of growing up are overshadowed by his unique condition. Bobbie’s inability to communicate normally is misdiagnosed for years as autism, and masks the great part in history he is destined to play. His unique ability to create beautiful works of art is just the tip of the iceberg. Coveted by those who would use him for their own purpose, Bobbie and his mother flee their home out of desperation. In the course of their escape, the truth behind Bobbie’s gift and the effects it may have on the planet begin to the reveal themselves, as the future of the humanity hangs in the balance.