Dawn of a New Era

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Dawn of a New Era


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The Tehrex Realm is in upheaval. The status quo is changing, and factions are splintering from within to make room for the demon’s cunning plans. As the Vampire King, Murtagh is being forced to mate a female other than his Fated Mate because his subjects are demanding that he produce an heir.

The King is the only one that can stand up to the rogues that are kidnapping and killing their most vulnerable. If he is lost there is no hope for the realm. Problem is he abhors the vapid females he’s being shown. He’s given up hope of ever finding the female that carries the other half of his soul when he comes across Annis, an alluring female in the clutches of the very enemy he’s trying to eradicate.

Annis stuns Murtagh with her unimaginable strength and fortitude. Not only does she manage to