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Guns and Fangs

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Guns and Fangs


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She won’t rest until they’re all dead… but then she meets him, and everything changes.

Vanessa Lockhart is a vampire hunter, like her father before her, ever since those foul beasts murdered her mother. When she stumbles upon Anton, a vampire who doesn’t kill humans, she doesn’t relent. Even though he doesn’t fight hard, Vanessa is injured, and then heals her, leaving Vanessa baffled.

A vampire clan hunts Vanessa, intent on killing her for slaying their leader several days ago. Anton manages to save her…but only by turning her into a monster like himself.

In retaliation, the clan kidnaps Emma, a young friend of Vanessa’s. She’ll need to accept her new second life, and Anton’s help, if she’s to save Emma…and maybe she’ll also find a way to forgive Anton for making her a vampire.