Vice (A Second Chance Rockstar Romance)

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Vice (A Second Chance Rockstar Romance)


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He’s bad for me, but I can’t quit him. He’s my addiction, my drug, my bad habit. I know I should stay away, but I keep going back for more.

Dylan is my tattooed, pierced, hot-as-sin next-door neighbor.
When he left to chase his dream of packed arenas and screaming fans, I was crushed. Once the road separated us, I knew it was my chance to put him in the past, where he belongs.
But now that he’s back in town to tend to his sick father, temptation is calling me. And I can’t stay away this time.

She’s my everything. She’s my rock and my soul, and she’s totally off-limits.
She’s too good for me. She’s virtuous and pure, and I’ll only hurt her.
But she’s my past and my future, and I can’t screw this up.
And now that I’m back in town, I have another chance to make her mine.