My Heart My Soul and My Panther

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My Heart My Soul and My Panther


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“I still don’t understand.” She said softly, and Sherry really didn’t believe that she could have heard them properly. He shook his head, trying not to cry out. Trying not to scream.
“It’s easier if I show you.” He said softly, and it seemed almost pained. She nodded, and he started to get undressed.
She quirked a brow at him, but he didn’t make a move to go towards her. Sherry waited, shaking her head as he got completely naked, and then something she didn’t expect started to happen. She could see the handsome man before her start to shift. He started to shift into a large panther, and it roared at her, making her shake a little. However, when she looked into those gold flecked eyes she remembered, and soon enough Oliver changed back.