A Long Wait for Santa by C. C. Brower

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A Long Wait for Santa by C. C. Brower


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The house seemed so empty now with the children all grown up and on their own. Just me and my masters. I'd always loved when Santa came, and it hadn't happened since the last child had quit living here.

But this holiday was different somehow, especially after I found that red had with the white fluffy edge on it. Maybe old Santa would be here this year...

Two Bonus Short Stories Included:

The Emperor's Scribe -
A young apprentice teaches the Emperor truths found in recording the day-to-day events of the Royal Court. What he disovered changed an empire...

When Vacation Plans Revise -
He was in the bathroom when the explosion left him alone in a plus-size emergency spacesuit. Ahead is the greatest challenge of his life - survive with the little training he'd gotten or else...