The Integrity Implosions by R. L. Saunders

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The Integrity Implosions by R. L. Saunders


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It all started when politicians and out-spoken celebrities and sports figures started being exposed for the stinkers they are.

It all started with a science grant that created a hypocrisy scanner. Tested on terrorists, it made them disappear. Tested on only the "sometimes" hypocritical, it made them evacuate their bowels. (To say it nicely.)

As the effect on military higher-ups was also disastrous, certain contractors got their research finances cancelled - so they took the circuit and made it a free download as a "gag" gift. Small enough to put in pens and give it away - or send to someone as a "gift."

The results changed Washington and sports teams. But only those who were hypocritical. Integrity got new respect.

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