Golden Prophecies

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Golden Prophecies


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In this futuristic romance, Thena is the leading prophetess on Delphi, who must find the key to controlling her gift before it drives her mad. Lancer Morgan is a charismatic man from decadent Earth who’s come to her backward world in hopes of using her unique prophetic abilities to avert interstellar war.

Lancer’s zest for life captivates Thena, though his irresponsible outlook and evident skepticism of her gift trouble her. But Thena knows Lancer is the man she’s been waiting for—the only one who can help her obtain the knowledge she desperately needs to save her sanity, the man who is destined to become her life-mate.

Together, with the aid of Thena’s prophecies and her mischievous moncat, Lancer and Thena undertake a soul-searching journey to find their hearts’ desire.