Two Ghosts Salvation - Section 05 - Preview

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Two Ghosts Salvation - Section 05 - Preview


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In the days when people were owned by the land, two young girls found their power by becoming ghosts, then spirit guides.

This is their origin-story...

Their Dad had to raise them by himself, as Mother died shortly after birthing them. But as a spirit, she remained on Earth to watch over them. Sal and Jude could see her, and knew their Dad could feel her presence.

Efforts to enter the forest, to exploit its abundant wild game, have all been turned away by supernatural events. Unexplained by locals except that it's "haunted."

The father of these two girls has been teaching them to care for the land and its creatures to maintain harmony and balance.

While their spirit mother has been teaching them other skills beyond human understanding, but easily grasped by the