Hamilton's Heart: A Historical Romance

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Hamilton's Heart: A Historical Romance


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An American Revolution Love Story.

Elizabeth Schuyler is the perfect example of an eligible young lady: caring, beautiful, and with plenty of money to spare. But being the most reserved of her sisters, Eliza has a hard time picturing what a suitor could see in her. Who would want shy and simple Eliza when other ladies are so sophisticated and outgoing?

When she goes to visit her aunt in Morristown, Eliza is surprised to find General Washington’s aide-de-camp on her doorstep. Kind, intelligent, and handsome, Alexander Hamilton is the man of every girl’s dream and Eliza finds herself quickly falling for him. But could he ever return her affections? And with the war raging on around them, can Eliza find it in her to win Hamilton’s heart before they run out of time?