Perilous Passions - Book 1 of 3

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Perilous Passions - Book 1 of 3


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Cara Deveraux has a bright future in front of her, and when she lands an internship at a local newspaper she vows to do whatever it takes to be a success. But she becomes sidetracked when she meets the rich and handsome Marcello Aprea. This man has charisma and sex appeal flowing out of his pores.

Marcello is drawn to Cara, like a moth to a flame.

After a chance meeting between the two, Marcello gains new hope, and Cara lets down her guard. She begins to see the real man behind the sexy billionaire. But her life takes a drastic turn the next day.

A startling phone call turns her world upside down, and she can’t help but wonder if she’s in danger from the handsome Marcello...