Billion Dollar Daddies: Lonnie 2

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Billion Dollar Daddies: Lonnie 2


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A Little Girl's Dream becomes a Big Girl's Reality
After a rocky beginning, Lonnie is finally free to live her Happily-Ever-After with her identical twin Daddy Doms-
Princess rooms, gingerbread houses, tea parties, and a surprise trip to a very special house at Mt. Shasta encouraged the emergence of her ˜Tween” and all the sass, trouble and attitude that comes with the title. Spurred on by her Daddy Doms, Lonnie explores the wants and needs of her long-neglected inner child; but when she slips into her ‘adult’ mode, her womanly desires are awakened. Her innocence and vulnerability are tested when the twins plan a surprise and open her eyes to another level of sensuality, trust, and love. She also has to face a fear she can no longer ignore....