Sci-Fi Romance Trilogy "The Alien Warrior's Battle"

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Sci-Fi Romance Trilogy "The Alien Warrior's Battle"


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Curvy scientist Aria wakes to her biggest nightmare. She’s been abducted by aliens and aboard a spacecraft. But wait: who’s the hunk in the cell next to her?

Intergalactic Viking and alien warrior Xeno is huge, muscled and lethal. He doesn’t need a mate. But when he sees Aria, he feels his loins tighten, even though she finds him impossible and barbaric.

But Aria needs Xeno to escape and Xeno has his own mission to complete. And soon, stranded on a hostile planet with enemies around every corner, Aria discovers there’s much more to the ruthless alien than meets the eye...

Can they survive? Will love conquer all? Get ready for a story of impossible odds, grand battles and surprising love, set against the wild, soaring and unimaginable backdrop of another galaxy's planets.