My Heart's Choice

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My Heart's Choice


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Three short m/m erotic romance stories.

Finding Jack
Dale has been in love with his boss for two years, but Jack has no idea Dale even exists, so in one act of sheer desperation he sets out on horseback to get his boss's attention once and for all. He reckons being completely naked should do it.

Playing the Field
Playing soccer was all Danny wanted to do, well that and impress his coach with his ability on the pitch. Danny idolized Rick for picking him to be on his team. If only Danny didn't lust after him too.

When Mike first saw the hulking guy using a jackhammer to break up the road, he was utterly fascinated. It turned out that his fantasy man who he secretly called "Jackman" was just as fascinated with him. Agreeing to a date, Mike didn't know what to expect, but it certainly wasn't the giant marshmallow living inside Steve.